Saturday Night Live RapeWatch: Zach Efron Edition

The homophobia kicks off almost immediately when the opening monologue featured Zach inviting a few of his fans up on stage to meet him, and in addition to the two female cast members playing tween girls, there was Fred Armisen playing a creepy fifty-year old who also adores Zach.

Some statutory rape humour appeared in a sketch about a bar that doesn’t ask for ID – the term ‘Gerbils’ was introduced into the lexicon to describe two girls in the bar. It’s the opposite of a Cougar, i.e. a sexually aggressive pre-pubescent. Ick.

Then weekend update featured the two Gay Guys from Jersey, a running gag whose only joke is the idea that two Italian goombahs could be homosexual.

The highlight of the show was a sketch about Zach’s character from High School Musical returning to the Musical High School to tell everyone that college involves little to no signing. A good premise achieved greatness when Darryl Hammond came out playing Walt Disney, and invited Zach back into the franchise, where he belongs. Ah, Walt Disney, not unfrozen for more than five minutes before finding a way to blame it on the Jews.

The low point of the show was yet another appearance by Jon Bovi, the Bon Jovi opposite band. My objection to this sketch is not its persistent terribleness, but rather how half-assed their attempts at opposite-singing are. Here’s a tip, guys – the opposite of Medicine is Poison. Also, seriously, you couldn’t figure out an opposite for ‘tiger’? How about anything that a tiger eats? Or something innocuous, like a rabbit?

The count this week was-

Rape – 1
Homophobia – 2

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