Saturday Night Live RapeWatch: Seth Rogan edition!

The show headed straight into homophobia territory with a fake ad right fter the monologue for ‘The Fast and the Bi-curious’, the premise being that Seth Rogan and Andy Samberg work on cars while almost making out. I found this less offensive and much funnier than most of the HP jokes because I haven’t actually heard many jokes about the clear latent homoeroticism of the Fast and the Furious franchise. Based on the first two films anyway – haven’t actually seen 3 and 4.

We got our second bit of homophobia in a sketch about the crumbling newspapers where the cast was playing various comic strip and newspaper figures. In a joke that could barely stand now that it’s suffering from osteoporosis Peppermint Patty and Marcie were making out. The most offensive part was the way they missed the obvious joke of having them say that they were free to ‘come out’ now that Schultz is dead and there aren’t any more new Peanuts strips. Right at the end of the sketch Fred Armisen walks in and announces he can save the paper with Sudoku, introducing a new category of standard offensiveness: Unbelievable racism. Here’s the character:

Yeah, Sudoku’s Japanese, so the Fu Manchu thing doesn’t make the most sense. But it is an offensive stereotype, so at least it’s got that going for it!

A few sketches later came a video about Andy Samberg being ‘the boss’, and rapping about his day, which, naturally, involves fellating a stranger. Gay sexual assault! Boom! Score!

That’s it for this week, which featured, as usual, a robust showing for homophobia, and a very modest showing for rape. With the addition of a new ‘surprising racism’ category, who knows how things are going to shift around in the coming weeks!

Homophobia - 3
Rape - 1
Surprising Racism - 1!

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