Law and Order: UK is the greatest thing ever.

Don't know how I missed hearing about this. Perhaps I've been ignoring all Law and Order news ever since SVU, the last L&O I watched, had its politics go incredibly reactionary last year, driving me away from the franchise.

However it happened, now I absolutely have to get caught up, because they've got a Law and Order in London now. I caught the sixth episode in the series, and suffered some clear deja vu immediately. Club full of illegal immigrants burned down, arsonist with a gas bomb going off in his pants... this was an episode I'd seen something like fifteen years ago, only now the crime was being investigated by Apollo off Battlestar Galactica (whose British accent would have surprised me if I hadn't just finished watching 'The Last Detective).

Yeah, they even walk down the courthouse hallway at the end of the credits. And that's Martha off of Doctor Who, just in case the cast wasn't geeky enough already. The thing that shocked me most about the episode was not only just how well I remembered something I'd last watched a decade and a half ago, but that it hewed so close to the original script. Apart from changing hispanic immigrants to turkish, it might as well have been the same episode.

Which makes me wonder if the rest of the episodes will be remakes of the American series - it's not like there's a shortage of material, with 400 episodes to pick and choose from I'm sure they'll find some good ones, but at the same time, it's really not that hard to write an episode of a crime show - by which I mean, are they planning on doing episodes ripped from the British headlines, or just sticking to ripping their plots from episodes that ripped their plots from American headlines?

I'll definitely be watching the rest of the series, so look out for some answers right here in the coming weeks!

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