24 Deathcount Part 7: Episodes 5-6

Another light installment for Jack 24 this week. Things were pretty dry on the casting front, as well.

After killing no one at all during hour 5, Jack finally managed to kill someone in hour six, and he in part made up for the lacking quantity by killing a mercenary using an abundance of quality: In this case, by shooting him with a sniper rifle from just fifty feet away.

Tony picked up the slack with great efficiency, though, killing three people in hour six, tying him with Jack for the day so far, and reminding all of us just why we've been missing him so intensely the past two years.

Don't ever leave us again, Tony.

Absolutely no new geek castings this week - the only new face of note being Peter Onorati, playing and FBI SWAT Team leader in hour five.. While a very recognizable face from years of television appearances, he hasn't been in enough genre things to qualify as geek casting.

As of 2PM TFST, the counts are:
Kills: 3
Geek Castings: 5

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