Saturday Night Live RapeWatch! Neil Patrick Harris Edition!

It's a light week here on the rapewatch, with only two jokes rising to the level of being countable.

The Rape joke happened right at the end in a sketch about Burger King's series of 'Whopper Virgin' ads which are premised around the idea of people who have never eaten fast-food being given a big mac and a whopper and being asked to choose between them. One of the interviewees, a woman, explains (through a translator) that she's not a virgin (and that it was her uncle that did it).

There was a single homophobia joke as well, this one in the opening 'political' sketch. One of the new girls played Rachel Maddow interviewing someone playing Rod Blagojevich. The joke was that Rod kept referring to Rachel as famous lesbian entertainers before finally getting around to calling her a dyke. It was classy.

So, for the record, the count was:

Rape: 1
Homophobia: 1

Neck in neck this time around. Although, I've got to say I found the homophobia to be especially off-putting this time around, and maybe even a little sexist. I can't imagine them doing a sketch with someone playing Anderson Cooper, and having the punchline being another character calling him 'faggot'.

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