Saturday Night Live RapeWatch: John Malcovitch Edition!

Great news tonight!

Absolutely no rape jokes tonight! Even better, there weren't any instances of our control jokes (homophobia) either!

Perhaps not coincidentally, it was a painfully unfunny episode, with only a single bright spot: John Malcovitch starring in a sketch about him mounting a production of Dangerous Liasons set in a hot tub entitled 'J'Acuzzi!' It was exactly as great as the premise suggests, and I'm sure the internet will be able to confirm that for you in a few hours.

Oddly, the funniest line of the night wasn't part of a sketch - there's nothing more hilariously discordant than hearing John Malcovitch say "Once again, T.I., featuring Swizzbeats."

You're the king, Malcovitch.

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