Saturday Night Live RapeWatch: Hugh Laurie Edition!

Once again, a relatively light episode here on the old RapeWatch.

There was one instance of rape-based humour. On the news, a joke was made about how the 'Butt Bandit', who placed ass-prints on the windows of stores, was being sent to jail, and would suffer rape at the hands of prisoners there.

There was also one instance of the control humour, Homophobia, in a sketch about a man (Fred Armisen) who is unable to keep himself from eating cookies. For some reason he elected to play the man as flamboyantly homosexual, because apparently that makes it funnier.

And of course, since the rape joke was about male prison rape, that also double-counts as a rape/homophobia joke.

Which brings the week's joke tally to:

Homophobia: 2
Rape: 1

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