CSI Wednesday!

The Scene: A psychiatrist's home office. The psychiatrist's daughter has been stabbed to death, and now the psychiatrist is refusing to suggest which one of her patients might have done it, despite the fact that, the night before, one of her patients had talked extensively about sneaking into her house and murdering her in exactly the way the daughter died, and then proceeded to threaten the doctor with a gun.

Psychiatrist: I took an oath.
Horatio Caine: So did I.

Sadly, this all happened indoors, so there was no need to put on or take off sunglasses. Sigh.

The solution to the mystery was incredibly disappointing. Annoyed at the idea of her ex-con husband challenging her for custody of their child, a hairdresser decided to murder... the psychiatrist who was treating the husband? And then she wound up killing the daughter instead. Whoops.

There was another murder before the ending credits though, and it was even sillier: The psychiatrist was gunned down by the patient who had been threatening to kill her - he was so annoyed at having his appointment the next day canceled that he came back and shot the doctor.

I know we're not supposed to blame the victim here, but at what point are psychiatrists supposed to step in and report things to the police? The guy came into her office and threatened her with a loaded gun, then her daughter was murdered that same night in the way he'd talking about killing her? It seems that's reason enough to get the cops involved, whether he killed the daughter or not, isn't it?

In addition to the generally awful writing this time around, there was an especially funny sequence when the CSIs went through the doctor's files, looking for clues about who her killer might be. As they read through the files, snippets of the conversations appeared onscreen in dark text, while voices read them over. Luckily, they were all lines patients had said earlier in the episode, so no new writing was required!

The most hilarious part? Eric wants to read the files, but Callie points out that anything they find in the files won't be useable in court. Eric says he doesn't care, and hopes that they'll find something that can lead them to other information. For a police officer, he doesn't have the slightest idea how evidence works - even if they get led to a seperate piece of information from the files, the fact that they did something illegal to get there will make it inadmissable in court.

So it's a good thing that the crazy guy confesses immediately, and also didn't get rid of the gun he used. Let's just hope that he doesn't get a good lawyer, because it wouldn't exactly take Perry Mason to get all of this thrown out.

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