I can’t believe a movie this stupid exists: Skinwalkers

I'm going to put you in a hypothetical situation, one analogous to something from the movie Skinwalkers, and I'd like you to tell me how you'd respond.

Alright, say that everyone had a switch on their body that could be flipped, turning you from just an average person into someone who loves nothing but murder. The problem with these switches? Once they've been flipped you can't turn them back, and there are no outward visible signs that it's been done - but internally, you've transformed into a switchflipper, with loyalty to nothing but other switchflippers.

Okay, now let's further assume that you're part of a group of regular people on the run from a group of switchflippers. One of your number is kidnapped by the switchflippers, then released a day later, completely unharmed - but, of course, she could have had her switch flipped, and there's no way you could tell until she betrayed you and started killing people. How would you treat her? Would you welcome her back into the group, taking no precautions of any kind?

Let's take it one step further, and say that precautions wouldn't even be hard to take, since you're fleeing from the switchflippers in a vehicle specifically designed to contain people safely, one filled with straps and chains and the like. Also, this whole 'containment' thing wouldn't be an ongoing situation because, when you're forced to make the decision, you're literally less than 24 hours from gaining the ability to cure all switchflippers, everywhere.

So, in that situation, would you let the member of your group have free rein, or would you take the precautions I mentioned, the ones that are readily available to you?

If you would, then you're smarter than all the heroes of the movie 'Skinwalkers'.


Alexander said...

Them releasing her without flipping the switch also violates every principle of the switchflipped. They care about nothing but murder, so if she was normal, they would kill her rather than release her. If they did flip her switch, then suddenly they are loyal to her and won't kill her, thus allowing her to be released. Sounds like the only way she would be released is with a flipped switch.

Unknown said...

I was about to jump all over you because I have a soft spot for this movie but... unfortunately I asked the same question when I watched the movie. Why not take simple precautions? Also, let's make the restraints the most involved system ever. So it takes forever to get into and out of them. Good job movie! On the other hand, I found it extremely creepy that the one guy basically replaced his ex with a lookalike. Can't have who I want, just pick up someone just like her.