That Happy Cat!

Oh, Snowball - you get disrespected quite a bit by this show, don't you? Lisa's cat has been dead for around four years when the show begins - the official number is given in a Halloween episode, so there's room for a little shakiness. Speaking of that Halloween Episode (Treehouse of Horror III, specifically), something puzzling occurs - while the characters discuss Snowball, the cat featured here:

The picture Lisa holds up is of Snowball II-

Even more puzzling, when we get to the pet cemetery, we find that the cat was buried under the name:

Snowball I? Wouldn't naming a cat that suggest it wasn't going to be long for this world? The same way that calling it the 'First Battle of Bull Run' ensured that there would be a second some years later?

One might want to dismiss this episode as nonsense, what with it being Halloween-based, and therefore non-canonical, but check out what happened in Season 7's 'Sideshow Bob Roberts':

Not only do the voter rolls use the name 'Snowball I', but the gravestone:

Once again features a picture of Snowball II. Tsk tsk, show.

Although I can't complain too much about the episode that gave me my favorite fake headline ever:

Why not indeed!

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Sree Kotay said...

Nice Encylcopedia Brown reference.