Adventures in Fake Journalism: Tucker and Dale vs. Evil

T&DvE is a fascinating example of Fake Journalism, in that it actually features all three types of text. First off, there's the plot-related text written specifically for the prop:

Left Article:

Memorial Day Massacre: One Survivor

Police found one woman
clinging to life after the Memor-
rial Day Massacre. The yet un-
identified victim was taken to
hospital early this morning.


We are currently inves-
tigating. When the young woman
will be questioned on the inci-
dent when she is able."

The Coroner's office is still pro-
cessing the bodies of the victims
the exact cause of death.

Police are asking for (unclear)
help in gathering information.

Right Article:

Victim Identified

Police have reopened a 2-year-old-
(remainder unreadable)

So after this article specifically written for the film, the next four pieces of newsprint use standard Latin filler text.

Before, right at the end of the piece, we have a hybrid newspaper, which starts with some film-related text, formatted as no newspaper ever would be:

Memorial Day Murderer Found!

(off-page) The Hillbilly Killer successfully
(off-page) death penalty of the killer.

Before moving in to filler text - this time, rather than gibberish, the text copies the obituary of Allen Klein in its entirety.

The other fun point? We learn that the sheriff-

Was named 'Peter F. Gun'. Also, since they captured the killer two months after the Memorial Day Massacre, I'm not sure how the Sheriff searched for 'years'.

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