On the subject of the Simpsons-

Okay, apparently Marge is really, really good at counting. In the episode "Homer Badman", while the family is decorating the set of the public access studio before Homer's speech, Grandpa Simpson elects to hang an American flag behind him.

Marge turns and announces that the flag has just 49 stars - this is followed by Grandpa's joke, but let's consider Marge's accomplishment for a moment. She noticed a missing star on a flag she'd never seen before in something like 1.5 seconds. Is that even possible?

Also, the flag has 38 stars.

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Anonymous said...

Nah, it's just pattern recognition. A 50-star flag has one star in the lower-right corner; a 49-star flag has two.

(Thanks for posting the screenshot, by the way. Disappointed that it doesn't really show a 49-star flag.)