Two Other Nonsense Things About The Traveler

These didn't spoil the movie like the opening does, but they actually happen in the movie, and, as such, are worth mentioning.

This is the cat that the daughter is looking for when she gets murdered. Her child-voice is hard to understand, but I kept thinking that she was calling the cat “Shining”, which didn't make sense, so I rationalized it as being a bizarre mispronunciation of “Shiny”.

It wasn't. There was a cat in this movie named “Shining.” Which, you know, yikes.

At another point in the film, Val Kilmer has his mugshot taken, and the cop in charge of entering his information into the computer discovers something strange in the pictures:

Why is this a problem? Because the cop never tells anyone about the pictures. His first reaction to seeing them isn't “Dear Lord, everything I know about the world is crumbling around me, I'd better show these to other people to determine whether all my preconceptions about how the world works are incorrect, or whether I'm simply insane!”

Any reaction other than that completely removes my ability to believe that any of the characters in the film are actually people.

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Indiephantom said...

Haha. Yes, this film was indeed full of questions. Watched it on Netflix recently. A cat named "Shining" is pretty funny, though.