On the subject of insufficient punishments-

The titular 'Gamer' of the film's title is this smug punk right here:

An amoral 17-year-old, this punk controls Kable (Gerard Butler) over the course of two dozen successful encounters against all the bloodthirsty thugs that the game has to offer. Then, in concert with a group of anti-technology terrorists, he helps set Kable free, allowing Butler to go on a murderous rampage, taking the lives of countless members of the villain's corporate security team.

The authorities are understandably aggrieved by this, and quickly arrest the punk. After being taken downtown, he's interrogated by Keith David-

Who, sadly, does not express any opinion about the relative plausibility of this voodoo bullshit.

Keith berates the punk, letting the teen know just how much trouble he's in, then sends him off to solitary confinement.

If this was the last we saw of the punk, that would be one thing - he's in jail, it wraps up the story nicely. It's not, however. He appears in three more scenes. First, despite being an accessory to mass murder, he's released from prison, then he returns home to discover that-

-he's not allowed to play games over the internet any more! The movie has the gall to act like this is a more severe punishment than prison. Then, in his final appearance, he's back on the internet with no trouble at all, watching Butler's final showdown with Dexter. That's the end of the title character's story. No comeuppance, no lesson learned, no resolution.

Thanks, Gamer!

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