Chainsaw Killer - Bad Filmcraft or Unintended Plot Revelation?

Allow me to reintroduce baffling film 'Chainsaw Killer'.

Seemingly an attempt to use existing footage from an abandoned project, Chainsaw Killer tells the story of a horror geek with a vodcast who is obsessed with tracking down a copy of the obscure horror film 'The Force Beneath'.
Also, there's a guy with a chainsaw, wearing a catcher's mask, who spends his time cutting people up with said chainsaw. Not in such a way that it would require any gore to be shown on film, however. This is not a film with an extravagant budget. The kills tend to be along the lines of-
Chainsaw goes offscreen.
Blood thrown on face.

Then cut away to the next scene. It's never super-clear what the Chainsaw Killer's connection to the obscure videotape is, almost as if they're appearing in two separate movies right up until he turns up and kills the main character.

So, keeping that extremely low budget in mind, allow me to show you pictures. First is the face of the chainsaw killer-

Now let's get a look at the mayor of the town where the chainsaw killer lives-
So that's obviously the same guy. From the eye colour right down to the super-distinctive facial hair. So here's my question - what is meant by this scene? Is it-

A: The Mayor is secretly the Chainsaw Killer who is bedeviling the town and occasionally killing people who watch a videotape.

B: The same actor was playing both characters with the expectation that the killer's face would never be visible, and the 'killer close up' scene was shot super-quickly, so they moved on without checking the footage, and didn't know until months later just how super visible in the scene, and it wasn't worth the time/trouble/cost to go back and fix it.

C: This is just another consequence of the film reusing plenty of old footage to cobble this film together. Since they didn't want to hire a new actor to play the mayor, they simply recycled footage of the chainsaw killer actor out of context and dropped him into the scene not saying anything, creating a new character of 'mayor' without actually having to hire someone!

Oh, low budget movies... I don't even know which one I want the answer to be!

And why do I suspect they weren't able to get the Chainsaw Killer back to shoot new footage tying all of this together? It's a theory I have that I'll go into more detail about tomorrow! So check back here then, I guess!


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