Another Fun Thing About Chainsaw Killer

Chainsaw Killer is low budget in the best possible way - by which I mean it doesn't care for a second that its budget is showing, it's going to get its point across with whatever tools it has at its disposal. In this case, those tools are:

A - Footage of the Chainsaw Killer chasing people through the woods in the late autumn.
B - Footage of those victims being chased in the early spring.

Now, you might think that having only those two things would in some way baffle or foil Chainsaw Killer's editors, but no - it doesn't even slow them down. Allow me to present my proof!
Victim 1 Fleeing-

Chainsaw Killer chasing-

Victim 2 Fleeing-

Chainsaw Killer still chasing-

I don't know why, but I can't get enough of this footage.

More relevant to my theory that they shot all of the Chainsaw Killer footage first, and then meant to come back and shoot the victims later, but wound up waiting months later, is the final killing set in the woods.

This is the Sheriff, wandering around the woods for reasons the movie doesn't adequately explain. Note that the ground and trees are the same colour in this shot as they are when the Chainsaw Killer attacks him-

Low-budget cinema, I heart you.

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busterggi said...

Spring symbolizes life, when Chainsaw runs through the woods his aura of death pushes the area into the death that autumn brings - quel artistical!