The Weirdest Prop I've Seen In A While

I recently watched The Pact 2, and while I normally write articles like this to criticize half-assed props, this time I wanted to call out a strangely, almost unnaturally accurate prop. The main character is working on a graphic novel based on the psychic visions she's having of recent murders. Not that she knows that's what she's doing - the point it, she's got a comic book.

At the end of the movie, she pops some samples of that comic book into an envelope and mails it off to real comic book publisher Fantagraphics.

The super-readable address is rare enough to see in movies that I got curious and looked it up - and yes, that was Fantagraphics' current address at the time this article was published. I don't know why they went so all-in with accuracy in this scene - maybe Fantagraphics is publishing some kind of a movie tie-in, I didn't care enough to look it up. Still, it's nice to see this level of attention to detail.

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