I'm going to spoil the ending of Wolf Creek 2

I don't know if I can be blamed for that though, given that Greg McLean already sort of pre-spoiled the ending. How? Simple - Wolf Creek 2 has the exact same ending as Wolf Creek. Not in the broader 'one survivor, Rapist Crocodile Dundee is still out there' sense, but in the specific details of what happens.

A horribly brutalized guy is found at the side of the road.

Explanatory text lays out that at first the guy was suspected of being involved in the crimes, but then the cops let him go, baffled as to who might be committing all of these outback murders near Wolf Creek.

Shot of Mick walking away from the camera.

But I'm not here to just talk about shameless self-plagiarism. There's some plot nonsense to address as well. The violent acts that Mick commits in Wolf Creek 2 could not go largely unnoticed the way they did in Wolf Creek, and it would be nearly impossible for the police to fail to catch him.

The film opens with Mick murdering two police officers, then leaving their burning car just off the side of the road. So now he's not only killed people who will be missed, he's killed people who both will be missed near-immediately, and whose bodies will quickly be discovered by the next person driving down that road. Even if that's only one person an hour, the cops will still be there fast.

He drives an 18-wheeler off a cliff, crashing it into the jeep of his victim. Creating a giant smoke column-

Which can be seen from miles away from the highway where the crash happened. Also, the truck was presumably stolen from someone that he killed, giving the police another avenue of investigation.
He murders an elderly couple, who will presumably be missed at some point, leaving evidence of his presence all over their home.

So now Mick has killed a bunch of people in relatively public places, and because he left one victim alive, they have a timeline letting them know roughly when all of the murders happened, which can be used to map out his possible range of movement, making his hideout comparatively simple to find.

Hell, he even dropped a living guy in the middle of a town - I don't care how small that town is, someone must have seen his vehicle, which would back up the victim's description of it.

But that's not how Greg McLean ends the movie, either because he has no idea how the world works, or because he's really personally invested in keeping his Crocodile Dundee parody character out there, raping and torturing women for dozens of sequels to come. I won't attempt to guess which of those is true.


Anonymous said...

The first one was definitely more realistic. This sequel was basically The Hitcher set in Australia.

Anonymous said...

I thought it was a great tourist movie. Even though it was out of character for all us watching....we were glad the cops got a serve for abusing thier position

Anonymous said...

I'm trying to figure out why Mick let the English guy go in the 2nd movie. Why isn't anybody asking that?

Anonymous said...

I'm here trying to figure out why Mick let the english guy go in the 2nd movie, is it because he really IS a man of his word? Did he respect him for the small bit of entertainment with the song singing - I have a good question though, the kid asks Mick his name, that alone would probably have gotten him killed one would think - while tied to the chair, before his first finger is sawed off, he asks Mick his name "I'm sorry, i didnt get your name" - i dont think id ever ask the name of my kidnapper since one would think he is now a liability

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if you're Australian or not, but people dissapear in the out back all the time, and are never heard from again. Australia is a gigantic country and completely barren. Somebody with knowledge of the area would never be found if they didn't want to be.

wolf creek pet meats said...

one person always gets away in every wc movie / series

Unknown said...

I think you need to stick to DISNEY mate. That is much more believable.🤦‍♂️

Unknown said...

I think he let's the guy go, to frame him and make the English guy seem like the deranged killer, but the point is that this film is based on real serial killers who possibly worked together in Australia an out backs, so the directer did well, to add horror mind boggles in their, it's basically a film of what you will make if it, there isn't really an explanation, did the English guy create the killer as his persona and the English guy was the kill er in the end, who knows that's the point.

Tayla said...

Have you never been to Australia, someone may not pass along a certain road for days.