Boo's rampant discontinuity!

In addition to its other flaws, Boo is notable for some incredibly prominent discontinuity. Check out this brief sequence of shots.

Now let's break it down!

The moment before the doors open on a nervous guy clutches a flashlight.

As they open he's calmer, and the light's at his side

Still in that pose when we see his feet and puppy.

Suddenly he's tense and holding the light again.

As he kicks the toolbox out of the elevator.

Wait, as the dog runs away the toolbox is back, and the light is at his side!

Finally he calms down a little, and goes from holding the light in both hands to one. And the timelines converge! Kind of.

So who's responsible for this? An actor for not doing it the same way on every take? A director for not getting a decent amount of coverage? The editor for assembling it in such an incoherent fashion?

The answer will probably be lost to history.

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Andrew Barr said...

I blame society.
or maybe just the youth of today and their terrible terrible music.