Alcatraz: Episode 2

While watching Alcatraz for TheAvod, I take notes. These are them:

Thanks for putting your fingerprints all over the shell casing, guys! There's no way there could be useful evidence on that!

"We've got two days to catch him!" No, you can just catch him whenever. It's not like he has the magical ability to disappear. Also, he doesn't know how to get around in the present-day world.

It seems like if you've got unlimited money to chase these criminals you could have more people in the field than Sam Neill and Dr. Neela from ER.

Unless he was programmed like Simon Phoenix, this doesn't make huge amounts of sense. Also, why aren't they asking him why he killed that guy? I mean, if he was going to go straight to his brother's house after stealing the key instead of dropping it off, why waste time stealing it and killing that guy?

Alcatraz is the worst possible place for a secret base. "We've figured out a new clue!" 'Great, let's take a half-hour ferry ride before we can check it out!' They're secret so they can't actually be taking helicopters and speedboats all the time. Frankly, I'd find it more believable if they said 'yeah, after all this disappearing mishegoss we built a secret tunnel to the mainland. Just hop in this sweet customized golf cart and drive to the mainland.'

Gosh, she looks far too young. I know she isn't, but why are they making her up to look sixteen?

Of course you can put him on the most wanted list, maroon. Just slap a new name on him.

Thank god you don't need any ID to buy a gun in San Francisco!

Yeah, the silencer doesn't make the most sense. You can't hit anything, and you're so far away you don't need the silencing. You're only shooting a couple of people, so by the time they know they're being shot at, you can be gone.

Gosh, she doesn't wear a sufficiently supportive bra, does she?

Thank god she didn't bring any backup to take down that mass murderer! How could he possibly know they were coming? Is there a mole?

Also, how did he get away? Can't she just have Jorge Garcia hold Neela's wound closed while she runs across the street and catches the guy trying to smuggle a rifle out of the building?

Why do they think a random killer would have all sorts of information about the scheme?

How is this background possibly going to help them find him?

The people of San Francisco were not particularly alarmed by that mass shooting the other day. Nor does there seem to be any particular police reaction.

Also, they really should get his name and picture out there.

"There is no telling the extent of the damage."Then why were they operating, and what did they accomplish in doing so?

I feel like the elevator would have been faster.

Also, way to go once again not bringing backup!

Why aren't you shooting him in the calf when he's not looking? Wow, that Sam Neill can climb stairs fast without being winded, can't he!

Yes, it is certainly shocking that Sam Neill crippled that MASS MURDERER who tried to ASSASSINATE his ONLY FRIEND.

I'm not saying this is the sissy's version, but John Brimstone shot out people's eyes. These guys go to great lengths to make sure everyone is taken alive.

Not really a shocking end twist, is it? Although it's proof that they're restricting information for no good reason. Couldn't Dr. Neela have mentioned to Jorge that she was from the past?

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