Adventures in Fake Journalism: Magic Man

The film Magic Man concerns a woman's half-hearted investigation into the mysterious death of her mother some twenty years earlier. At one point we get a look at an article concerning that crime - and here it is!

Now, for the text!

Magician Accused of Tragic Death

Illusion turns bad for Master Magician RUDOLPH TREADWELL who is being held in custody for Olga Pavlova's death. His assistant was severed in half by a buzzsaw. What appeared at first to be an accident turned out to be a possible crime. Authorities believe they have enough clues to hold Magician RUDOLPH TREADWELL in custody. Dates of a possible hearing have not yet been released.

"He's just not that type of person," says Treadwell's friend. "He's a great guy. He's a great friend. I mean he's dedicated to us and that's how I know him." Treadwell was arrested Wednesday at his El Sobrante home for the murder of Olga Pavlova. She was severed in half after Sunday in the city's Excelsior District when they accidentally blocked a Chrysler turning onto their street.

So, kind of a mixed bag there. At least it was largely original content about the movie, right up until that last sentence, which took a strange right turn into a story about an MS-13 member who shot up a car of people after they cut him off in traffic. The next two paragraphs are just that story, but they do have the benefit of being written by someone for whom English was a first language, so there's that.

I've got to say, though, I'm kind of blown away by the bonus content on this page. 'Miles Away From Home, Man Killed', then a couple of mid-east stories, and then one of the most poorly-photoshopped headshots I've ever seen in my life. You'd almost think that thing was colourized, it's so flat and textureless.

So, great job having original plot-relevant text, even if it was shoddy!

Also, here's a link to the story that the filler text was pulled from, just because!

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