The Hundred Ninety-Sixth Greatest Panel in the History of Comics

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I'm a little confused here - was 'gremlin' not a well-known turn in 1943? Isn't this basically the perfect depiction of what a gremlin is/does?

Or did they throw 'saboteur' in there for the war connection?


Anonymous said...

In the 1920s "gremlins" sprang up as a pass-the-buck euphemism for RAF mechanical failures. "Gremlins" live on in current General Motors (GM: GreMlin) sometimes fatal auto design malfunctions.

So, if it looks like a bomb, and walks like a bomb, and explodes like a bomb, it's a GreMlin! Hit it with a big hammer!

busterggi said...

Certainly did have the concept of gremlins and they looked pretty much exactly like in these pictures. The Fighting Yank had a recurring enemy called the Gremlin who was like a way lower powered Mr. Mxyzptlk.