Adventures in Fake Journalism: Seven Psychopaths

Late in wonderful film Seven Psychopaths, there's a fake newspaper - so let's take a look at it!

Actor Sought in Fifth 'Jack of Diamonds' Slaying
By James Ulberg
Staff Writer

HOLLYWOOD HILLS, CA - Authorities are searching for Billy Bickle, 39, as the primary suspect in the "Jack of Diamonds" killings that have plagued the Los Angeles Area in the past ten days.

Bickle, an unemployed actor, reportedly fled his Hollywood home only hours after the murder of Angela Pavlovich, according to neighbors who spotted the suspect fleeing in his car.

LAPD Hollywood homicide Detective Matt Quezeda- (cut off)

-their arrival.

Ed Simmons, spokesman for the coroner's office, confirmed that Ms. Pavlovich died from loss of blood due to the gunshot wound.

The "Jack of Diamonds" playing card foundon Ms. Pavlovich is the fourth such card found on or near recent homicide victims in Los Angeles County.

The first two victims, Thomas Frisone and Larry Vespasiano, were found on November 5th fatally- (cut off)

-according to Quezeda.

Evidence at Ms. Pavlovich's home brought the police to Bickle's residence where the fifth Jack of Diamonds card was found, smeared with blood.

The DNA results from this blood sample are pending.

At Bickle's residence, police found stacks of playing cards with the Jack of Diamonds missing - the style- (cut off)

-the "calling card" the was left with the victims, Bickle-

I wish more of it was visible, but from what I've seen, this is a fairly authentic-looking newspaper. Great work, props people!

Also, how much fun is that side headline?

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