Kevin Corrigan's interesting performance choice

There are any number of ways you may know Kevin Corrigan: Community's drama professor, one of the thugs in 7 Psychopaths, a rogue trader in the second season of not-very-good TV show 'Damages'... the man gets a lot of work. Most relevant to this week's posts, he plays Bob Kirkland, homeland security agent, on The Mentalist.

That's him justifying his inclusion on the Red John shortlist, even though he can't possibly belong on it.

I'm not here to rehash my criticism of that decision by the producers, however - I'm here to talk about Kevin Corrigan's extremely interesting choice in portraying the character as... actually, I don't want to spoil it. Watch these two clips, and then I'll explain what Kevin Corrigan was thinking when he decided to play Bob Kirkland this way.

Okay, all caught up?  Great!

Now, for a peek into the mind of Kevin Corrigan, where this performance serves as a kind of open letter, reading:

"Dear Hollywood casting directors - Look, it's never fun to dwell on mortality, but let's face it: Christopher Walken isn't going to be around forever. And even after he's gone, people aren't going to stop writing Christopher Walken-style parts, so when that day finally comes, I think that you should be considering me, Kevin Corrigan, for those parts. Thank you for your kind consideration."

Can I possibly be wrong?


maia said...


you're not wrong at all... his aping of walken right down to the head-jerking tics, hesitations, blank face and near-perfect voice was worthy of frank gorshin or rich little...

what i want to know is why in the world he'd choose to ape a living actor and what did walken think of it?

maia said...


seems a dozen years back, corrigan was in an obscure flick with walken... so, could his walken act date back to that?

Scotland, Pa. (2001)
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Cast: James LeGros, Maura Tierney, Christopher Walken, Kevin Corrigan, James Rebhorn

Vardulon said...

Neat! I didn't know Kevin Corrigan was in Scotland, PA (which I still have to see). My observation was based on a scene they shared in 7 Psychopaths.

Anonymous said...

The plan to be a younger version of an aging star doesn't always work out. Consider: "Dear Hollywood casting directors - Look, it's never fun to dwell on mortality, but let's face it: Jack Nicholson... blah blah blah... Sincerely, Christian Slater."

CV said...

Also, Walken's from Queens and Corrigan's from the Bronx.

Marcia Wilwerding said...

Just now catching up with the Mentalist on Amazon Prime and had to Google this. Thank you for confirming my suspicions! I knew it wasn't all in my head.