The Dumbest Thing Ever Said on Castle

Let that sink in for a second. Now set aside the fact that in the 'original' version Red Riding Hood does, in fact, die, and just look at Kate's bizarre retelling of the story.

Red Riding Hood kills the wolf? Has anyone ever heard of a version of the tale where that happens before this clip? More importantly, her version lacks any kind of internal consistency. What kind of a wolf is this that it survived being gutted and having a woman pulled out of it?

And how much of a victory would it be for Red Riding Hood to smother the life out of a dying animal, somehow barely beating out its own blood loss in a race with the woodsman to be credited for causing its death?


pernoctator said...

Well, believe it or not, but it is true. Kinda.
In my copy of the tale (which is the general version circulating here in Europe) the huntsman cuts open the wolf's belly with a pair of scissors and out jumps litte Red, fresh as a daisy. Even grandma was still alive inside, although she's a little worse for wear. Then Red fills the wolf's belly with big stones and stitches him up again. Upon waking the wolf tries to get away but the stones are so heavy he falls over death.
Alternatively, he wakes up with a mighty thirst, which he tries to quench at a well. Of course, the heavy stones drag him down and he drowns.

Apparently, their allegorical nature makes the characters unsusceptible to pain.

You're welcome.

Vardulon said...

Wow - So being eaten alive = not fatal. Being gutted = not fatal. But drowning/falling on his face = fatal? Not shocking that this is the most obscure version of the tale I've ever heard of.