Product Reviews? You Heard Me.

Recently I was approached by representatives for csnstores (surely you've heard of them - they're the barstool people), who are apparently interested in some sort of a promotional partnership with 'The Castle', which is a reference to this website, and not anything off-colour, before you ask.

What kind of partnership, you ask? The kind where they send me a thing, and I tell my readers (the 'you' of the post's title) whether those things are worth purchasing. Since that's kind of what I'm doing here anyways (without numerical scores or obvious instructions in re: buying things), it seems like a natural fit.

One hindrance? They don't sell movies or comic books. They do, however, sell knives:

Probably not these knives, though.

It's not something I mention here in posts, but my sixth-favorite hobby (after singing and before hiking) is cooking. Add that to the fact that this is (theoretically, at least) a horror-themed blog, and you've got a perfect match!

So look forward to those product reviews in the near future! A few days after the knives arrive, I suppose.

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