NeoWolf vs Your Grandmother’s Werewolf: A comparative analysis.

Although I’m sure you’ve all seen it by now, just so it’s absolutely clear what we’re going to be covering, please take a look at this brief clip from the film ‘NeoWolf’.

As you can see, the main villain, ‘John Neowolf’, claims some distinction between himself and ‘your grandmother’s werewolf’, pictured here:

So let’s put his claim to the test, shall we?

On the following list, we’ll compare a number of different werewolf characteristics, and see which of them can be applied to John Neowolf (NW), and which can be applied to Your Grandmother’s Werewolf (YGW).

1 - Human that turns into wolfman: (NW) ( YGW)
2 - Transforms under a full moon: (NW) ( YGW)
3 - Bite causes werewolf curse: (NW) ( YGW)
4 - Mauls people to death: (NW) ( YGW)
5 - Fatally vulnerable to silver: (NW) ( YGW)
6 - Allergy to special herbs: (NW) ( YGW)
7 - Looks like a vampire from Buffy: (NW)
8 - Is in a rock band: (NW) ( YGW*)
9 - Enjoys wearing torn clothing: (NW) ( YGW)
10 - Is, to a 90% likelihood, male: (NW) ( YGW)

As the list clearly demonstrates, when presented with ten common characteristics of werewolves, a full nine of them apply to both NeoWolf and Your Grandmother’s Werewolf. So it’s safe to say that, apart from some sort of mutation that causes him to look like a vampire from Buffy, and despite his protests to the contrary, John NeoWolf is, in fact, your grandmother’s werewolf after all.

(* - Does the category 'your grandmother’s werewolf' include the Thriller video? If not, then disregard this point)

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