The Eighteenth-Greatest Panel in the History of Comics

My favorite thing about this panel?

(Click to Bigify!)

That bow ties have survived well past the 24th century.

Also that it took humans hundreds of years to 'conquer space'.

And they did that before curing bad eyesight.

Wait, what does 'Conquer Space' mean that a whole lot of people can do it, and Junius was just the first?

Man, this panel raises more questions than it answers. Which it would kind of have to. Since it answered no questions.


Bethany Rae said...

Funny thoughts. I kind of just stared at it and thought, wow. I really don't get it.
But I see what you mean now. For some reason its easier for our imagination to fathom life totally altered, but image is the same.

CRwM said...

Maybe they mean space as in "time space," rather than "outer space."

Vardulon said...

I don't know about that - but the caption would be far more fascinatingly unclear if he'd been the 'First Man to Conquer Time!'