V continues to surprise me with its idiocy.

At this point, I think it’s fair to say that almost no thought is going into the production of V. I’ve already explained, at length, the ways in which the show is convinced that its audience are idiots, but this latest episode proved, in a single image, that the people producing the show are every bit the morons that they imagine their viewers to be.

When I first saw that image I dismissed it as run-of-the-mill condescension. “Really?” I thought, “There’s an English display on the alien ship? And you didn’t think the audience would get that access had been granted when he continued working at the computer? Hell, why didn’t you just have the box flash green and show a graphic of a padlock opening while you were at it?”

But then I looked a little closer and noticed the repeating characters in the alien version of “Access Granted”. They were exactly the same as in the English version.

The alien language is just English, but with a bizarre nonsense alphabet consistently superimposed over the roman characters. That’s a whole new level of laziness.

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