Shuttle Hates Women

I don’t mean that in the normal way that torture porn movies hate women, either. You know, the whole ‘let’s show the brutal victimization of women in underwear because of the sick thrill it offers freaks’ kind of way. Although it does that as well.

No, Shuttle hates women in that it depicts them as being considerably dumber than coral.

Here is a brief illustrated list of the things the film Shuttle believes women are too stupid to do-

Run away from people who are trying to kill you.

Call the police when given ten minutes of alone time in a supermarket, while the killer waits outside, eminently arrestable.

Shoot a man who’s been attempting to kill you, and will continue attempting to do so in the future.

Slit the throat of a murderer lying unconscious on the floor.

Say ‘Call the police, there is a killer after me!’

Team up to gouge out the eyes of a killer.

Continue hitting a man with a metal pipe until his brain is paste.

Bother loading a gun more than once.

Even though she’s completely fit, keep a man with serious head, arm, and leg injuries from sealing her in a shipping container.

So, in conclusion, Shuttle is an awful movie for a lot of reasons, but the foremost is the fact that it hates women even more than its own audience.


Loki said...

I enjoy reading about what you hate. Keep the bile flowing!

Cliff Evans said...

I rather liked Shuttle. Well, in that sort of sinking-feeling, I-need-to-go-hug-everyone-I-know kind of way.

Irrational behavior in movies doesn't bother me because time and again, evidence has shown that people in difficult situations really do act irrationally and do (or more often not do) what seems like the sensible thing.