Brian Pulido is the Real Garth Marenghi

So I’m watching terrible film (and future entry in my semi-recurring series: Tony Todd is Too Good For This) The Graves, and something odd happens. The main characters are first introduced in a scene set, for no good reason, inside a comic book shop.

(I received no remuneration for including this product placement. I can’t say about the filmmakers.)

Here’s the scene in question:

That certainly seemed like an odd interlude that served no purpose, didn’t it? So then I get to the end of the film, and notice, for the first time, who wrote and directed the movie.

The name sounded oddly familiar, so I decided to look it up on the old webternet, and it turns out that Brian Pulido is the creator of both Lady Death and the writer of ‘Mischief Night’, the other comic mentioned. (Fun Fact – Mischief Night’s artist was Juan Jose Ryp, the poor man’s Geoff Darrow. Or, more charitably, the Geoff Darrow who gets off his ass and actually draws a comic more than once every five years.)

For those of you not familiar, Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace is a Channel 4 show about an egotistical writer who’s obsessed with the brilliance of his own creations. Here’s the relevance sequence from episode 3: “Skipper, The Eyechild”

So, other than the fact that Pulido did not cast himself as a brilliant doctor who the pretty girls convince of the genius of one ‘Brian Pulido’, how is that different?

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