Well, not exactly self-promotion, technically speaking. While it's an honor to be nominated for one of bloody-disgusting's Horror Blog Awards, alongside such luminaries as CyberSchizoid, Moving Pictures Haiku Reviews, and William Malmborg, I'm not posting this following link/picture for my own benefit-

If you've got a second, would you mind heading over there, get an account (not as much of a chore as it sounds) and vote for Zombots? It's about time that TheDivemistress was recognized as the bold new voice in the horror blogosphere that she is, and this is a chance for that to happen!

Just make sure you actually vote for 'Zombots'. There's like eight blogs there that start with 'Zom'. Just warning you.

Thanks in advance!


DM said...

Thank you!!

Tilting at Windmills said...

that was real nice of the count - he was also on the list!

William Malmborg said...

Oh wow, thanks for the kind words. It was an honor being in the contest with you and all the other great horror bloggers.