Avod Saturday: Episode 27!

It occurs to me that I haven't been posting very many announcements about theavod here at Castle Vardulon. I have no excuse for this. Sorry if you've been looking forward for the new episode but assumed there wasn't one because I hadn't mentioned it. As always, back episodes can be found over at the avod's blog or the archive.org search link over there to the right.

As for this week's episode, it's a glorious return to form as the Divemistress and myself discuss Harper's Island, They Live, and the just-released (but yet unplayed) Ghostbusters videogame. Then it's on to the meat of this bonus-length episode, as we go in-depth discussing David Doub's independant vampire comic Dusk!

If you can't wait to listen to it just right-click here and save to your computer. Or head over to the avod's blog and stream it live!

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