Adventures in Fake Journalism: Harper's Island 108

Bit of a departure this time around, as I'm not looking at a fake news article, but rather a character's fake journal. From Harper's Island, Episode 8, here's John Wakefield's prison diary.

I've left all the punctuation and spelling as is. Words that were unclear to me, forcing me to guess are marked with a (~), while words I full-on couldn't read are replaced with a (?).

Also, in the original broadcast the sheriff flips through the journal backwards, looking at visible page 3&4, then flipping to 1&2. I'm displaying them here in the order they appear in the journal, rather than the order shown in the episode.


I will be revenge stabbing them (?) like they said I did. If they want to believe it so badly then I will make it true. I will be revenge putting a knife through his head. I will be revenge casting out a large fishing net. And catching all the evil doers that played a part in putting me here. That played there part and lied. I will catch(?) them in my net. Then I will haul them up. I will hang them up high for everyone to see they are the evil ones. You are the ones who have to be punished. I’m being punished. (?) (?) being hidden. Hidden in a hole. Because I didn’t do anything wrong. But they did wrong. And I will take them from my net and I will hang them up high for everyone to see.

I WILL NOT HIDE YOU WHEN I FIND YOU. I’ll make(~) a sign (?) so everyone will see what you did. And you will pay with all you have. You will be done in this life. Done and never able to do your evil again.


I will be doing the world a favor when I kill you. I will be doing God a favor when I kill you. It makes so much sense. It is a shame you can’t see it. You won’t see it until it is too late. Till I’m on top of you. Driving a harpoon through your heart. Then I’ll gut you. You will watch me gut you. Maybe I will pull out your evil heart and together we can see its black flesh pumping bile that flows through your veins. I can’t wait to show you your own heart.


They treat us like animals in here not men. But they treat us like cages animals and we’re forced to eat as such (?) taking(~), me. Every day is like the jungle. Survival is the only law to live by. You must protect yourself because everyone else is hunting you. I must become the beast(~) if I want to survive. I must go after them. I will be first to strike. It will be good practice for when I’m out and met the (?) people that deserve. I don’t deserve to be hunted. But some people in here they do. One guy was killed today. I don’t know if he deserved it. He could have been in here because Mills lied about him too. Mills possibly lies about a lot of people. Keeps(~) people out of the way by locking them up in a cage. But one of us will eventually get out. And we will make him pay.


The guy who died today. It won’t be him. He was stabbed. Stabbed in the back. A cowardly way to kill someone. When I do it I will look right in his eyes. I will turn Mills to me. I will look right in his eyes and I will kill him. I will watch the life drift from his eyes. And I will be the last thing he sees. This guy who died. I was the last thing he saw. I saw the life drift from his eyes. He was reaching for me. But it had nothing to do with me. If I’m going to survive in here I have to look out for me and only me. The guy who did the stabbing, the call him Tuck(~). He pointed(~) at me. He pointed the bloody knife in my direction. I didn’t know what he was trying to say. I didn’t know the man he killed. But I couldn’t say anything. There was Tuck(~). There was the bloody knife.


Fun stuff, huh? I'm really impressed at the amount of work that the production design team put into this. It makes me want to go watch Sesevenen and find out if all of John Doe's journals were fully written-out as well.

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