The Eleventh Hour has a distracting opening credits sequence.

By all appearances, The Eleventh Hour is a pretty generic ‘gimmick crime solving’ show, the twist being that instead of using bones or psychology to solve crimes, the main character, one doctor Hood, knows about science. And he uses that scientific knowledge to battle modern science-criminals in suprprisingly dumb cases, considering it’s a show about a genius using science.

I've only seen a few episodes, and it hasn’t lived up to the original, which had the benefit of featuring both Patrick Stewart and sinking ice cubes. That’s not what bugs me about the show, though. No, what bugs me is the brief opening credits sequence, shown here:

See what I’m talking about? If not, here’s the frame that I mean:

The show is called the Eleventh Hour, but the image is clearly of a second hand floating over an eleven.

So I can’t watch the show without thinking that it ought to be called ‘The 55th second.’

I feel like the guy who called Walter Cronkite to complain about Sdailing for Dollars.

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