24 Deathcount Part 7: Episode 13

Finally it's another big week for Jack!

After spending two full hours in a jail cell or locked in a small room with the President, Jack was in full for tonight, gunning down four of Tony Todd's henchmen before finally killing the Candyman himself. It was incredible.

We also lost our first cast member of the season, as Bill sacrificed himself to save the president's life. Some of the tragedy of his death was undercut by how awesome it was (shooting a gun into the air, detonating a room full of explosive gas), but the loss of a long-running cast member was still sad. No Ryan Chappelle, but powerful.

There was also some news on the Geek casting front! Quinn, the professional killer from the movie (he killed the president's son's sleazy friend) showed up to frame Jack for the murder of a witness. He was played by Sebastien Roche, most famous as the wry intellectual from Odyssey 5. Oh, and I wasn't mistaken last week, Voight's sidekick is, in fact, Rory Cochrane.

So, as of 9PM, TFST, the counts are:

Kills: 23

Geek Castings: 7

That's right folks, Jack's only one kill away from making this a good season! And they've introduced a man who's essentially the evil Jack 24! Man, saddened as I am by the loss of Bill and Tony Todd, I can't wait for next week!

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