I Hate Indiana Jones: Day 2

Day 2: Indiana Jones and the Oddly Familiar Character

I just realized that I didn't finish my write-up on Mac in the first post. I neglected to mention Mac's final fate: He's killed when the temple of the Crystal Skull collapses, because he was too busy gathering up gold to be bothered with escaping.

Wait a minute. That sounds familiar.

The hero has a sidekick who turns out to be a treacherous betrayer, but then switches sides back and forth a couple of times over the course of the film. Then, at the end, when the temple full of gold they're in is starting to collapse, the sidekick is so concerned with stealing gold that he winds up getting crushed.

Am I talking about Ray Winstone in Indy 4, or Kevin O'Connor in The Mummy?

Seperated at birth?

That's right. Indiana Jones has now sunk so low that it's ripping off The Mummy. To give you an idea of what a slump that is, I offer this, the conversation in which The Mummy was pitched:

The Location: A Hollywood office
The Players: Stephen Sommers, A Movie Executive

Steven Sommers: "Hey, movie executive! People are anxious to see another Indiana Jones movie, but they're probably never gonna make one! I bet there's some scratch to be made from a cheap knock-off!"

Movie Executive: "Sold! But be sure to make it bad enough that if they ever do make another Indiana Jones movie, it won't have to work too hard to outshine our little piece of garbage."

Steven Sommers: "Done and done!"

And then Steven Sommers failed to do even that.

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