Sorry for the Scare!

The Count here to let you know that I'm fine, and toiling away on things - the 'disaster post' was something I generally set back six months at a time, but this time I forgot to move it due to being distracted with other things!

Sorry again, I'm fine and toiling away!

Go watch Our House, the movie I wrote!


msrosella said...

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[UNKNOWN] said...

Are you planning on reviewing Beyond Borders any time soon?

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Anonymous said...

I hope you know you're a massive biTch. Why are you watching and writing about a show you clearly don't like?

Plus, didn't you get the memo honey? It's a TV show. It's gonna be unrealistic and make no sense. Or did you think DNA testing is given in a couple of hours? LMAO. News flash: it's not, it can take months but that doesn't work for a TV show now does it? That's why any tv show is unrealistic.

I honestly don't get this blog. Writing about a show you hate only to hate on it and appear cooler than the rest of the crowd who obviously isn't as great as you are because you're the only one realizing what a crap this show is. Right? Does this makes you feel better about yourself?

If you have any decency left, you'd delete this. Otherwise this is a testament of how stupid can people be. Keep poking holes on a fake show LMAO. Pretty smart.

Hope you don't comeback and keep embarrassing yourself anymore. You know what's worse than a fan? A hater using the show they hate for cloud and brownie points. But the truth is: You're not smart and you're not edgy. Sorry about that.