Simpsons Math!

I'll present one of my favorite moments of Grandpa Simpsons nonsense, from the Critic Crossover Episode "A Star is Burns":

I'd never given the line much thought beyond what a perfect example of old-timey gibberish it is. Then, listening to the radio one day, I heard reference to a Hog's Head being a size of barrel used in liquor production. Naturally this meant it was time for some calculations!

I couldn't find an official exact conversion, but it seems that the hog's head is about 60 gallons, While a Rod is a little over 16 feet.

This means that, the way Grandpa likes it, his car uses up 60 gallons of gasoline to travel 640 feet. This works out to 480 gallons of gasoline per mile traveled, or 0.002 MPG.

Does Grandpa drive a cruise ship? Or some kind of rocket?


Tom from Detroit said...

You answered your own question when you mentioned liquor.

Granda wasn't talking about the fuel the vehicle consumed. He was talking about the "fuel" HE consumed!

Looking at Grandpa the numbers sound about right.

Vardulon said...

Interesting point, but it's slightly undercut by the first two words of Grandpa's statement.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing!