The Next Day - Creep Edition

The film Creep ends with the villain, one Mark Duplass, revealing that he's been killing videographers and other random people for ages.

He's even on the phone as the credits roll, planning his next murder.
Which almost certainly won't happen, because he has the worst plan for getting away with this. Let's take it step by step.

1 - Hire someone to film him for a few hours.
2 - During the filming, appear out in public with the videographer.
3 - Alarm the videographer, letting him know that this is a dangerous situation.
4 - Stalk the videographer for weeks, sending threatening videos and pictures of his own face to a person who has every reason to inform as many people as possible about the stalking psychopath.
5 - Somehow lure the videographer to a public location, alone, so he can murder the videographer, in public, without anyone noticing or intervening.

That any part of this plan worked is insane, and given that we can't expect any of his other plans were more well-thought-out, it's insane that he hasn't been caught already.

It's just a bad example of the filmmakers attempting to gild the lily - if this had been Mark's first murder, then his terrible planning and immediate capture would have been completely understandable. Their attempt to put a teaser ending on the film just kills the reality of what was an otherwise fairly creepy movie.

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