Adventures in Fake Journalism: Terminator 3

While not journalism per se, or in any way, really, I wanted to feature some incredibly half-assed work on the part of some graphic artists working on Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines.

Midway through the film the Terminatrix finds that its main weapon, some kind of plasma blast cannon, has been damaged, and she has to select a replacement from a surprisingly large number of options.

Here's the first-

There's little picture of the weapon's arm configuration on the left side, then the name of the weapon in the middle, and some description about it below.

Let's zoom in on that part, shall we?

Yes, that's placeholder text. The first line is supposed to be a description of the weapon, and the second some technical information, or perhaps fun facts about it. Only that part never actually got written, it seems, or if it did, someone forgot to input the text onto the HUD graphics.

So we ended up with seven different items -

Each one reinforcing the production team's mistake.

Oh, Terminator 3, was there nothing good about you?

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