The Two-Hundred-Tenth Greatest Panel in the History of Comics

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Oh my god, is there anything that isn't awful about this? Plastic Man is choking a chief with a peace pipe, a brave is running out of a teepee, wielding a stone tomahawk, and there's a war dance going on in the background.

If that weren't bad enough, there is - for absolutely no reason - a Swastika on the side of the teepee. Are these Nazi Injuns?

What is going on?

And how sad is it that The Spirit feels he has to beg for your attention from a corner of the cover?

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busterggi said...

Anonymous is right though offhand I can't remember the name of the Native American Nazi organization.

As for the swastika, it was used as a solar symbol by a number of First Nations tribes and often showed up on blankets, rugs, ceremonial clothing & such.

It was also a general symbol of good luck in the US until WWII - loads of antique lucky pieces out there with swastikas on them, even the Boy Scouts used it.