Race with the Devil's Amazing Moon

So I'm watching Race with the Devil for theAvod, and there's a plot point requires part of the action take place during the apex of a full moon. Then something amazing happens. We get a look up into the sky, and what should appear, but-

The noon-day sun, processed with the least-convincing day-for-night treatment this side of the mod squad. Even accepting that this is supposed to be an unusually bright full moon-

That's still unacceptable. I know that there were any number of reasons that might have kept the production from getting their own footage of the full moon (short schedule, rain, lost footage...), but this was the 1970s, and I refuse to believe that stock footage libraries didn't exist yet. How much could a single shot of the full moon have possibly cost?

This is a movie where trucks explode and fly off of bridges. Come on, people.

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busterggi said...

Well now youngster, I was around in the '70's and can tell you the moon was much brighter back then because we hadn't invented fire yet so there was no air pollution. Didn't dare go out during the day lest one burst into flame.