So I just finished watching True Detective....

And while I loved every second of that last episode, I found one tiny bit of it unbearably distracting-

The whole last exchange was, while not word-for-word, exactly the same as an issue of Alan Moore's Top Ten. I'm not sure why this is. With the Carcosa references in Alan Moore's Lovercraft stuff, I'll just go ahead and assume that both he and the creator of True Detective are both fans of the same 'Yellow King' novel that I'd never heard of before this show... so maybe that observation about the night sky is from that book?

Although, and I know that this is an extreme reach, but both this and Watchmen have a creepy child-murderer who owns a German Shepherd, and the German Shepherd winds up with its head split open down the middle in both stories.

Still - great show, everyone should watch it!


So I checked around on the Internet, and it seems that yes, the guy's just an Alan Moore nerd, so it's a lift, but probably more like a gentle nod than outright theft, like in Being Human.

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